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Clothing Specifications

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Clothing Specifications
As suppliers and manufacturers of Safety Workwear, our products must comply European Standards and Regulations. Detailed below are the Standards and Regulations our products comply to.

Clothing Standards

EN 471 is a European Standard which specifies performance requirements for
Hi Vis Workwear. It was put into place in 1994 to keep workers safe in any hazardous evironment. The Standard is split into three classes by their level of conspicuity.

Class 1: The lowest level of visibility
Hi Vis Trousers come into this class with two reflective bands around each leg.

Class 2: Intermediary visibility level
Hi Vis Vests come into this class with a requirement for at least two bands around the waist and shoulders.

Class 3: Highest visibilty level
Hi Vis Jackets come into this class which requires the jackets to have one reflective band on each sleeve.

ENV 343
Tests the specified clothing for resistance to water penetration and water vapour. Many of our
Hi Vis Jackets conform to this standard.

ENV 342
A standard of requirements for protective clothing against cold weather. Tested clothing should protect against temperatures lower than 5°C.

EN 533
Protective clothing which is tested for resistancy to flame spread.

Footwear Standards

EN 345
Our Safety Footwear range conforms to this standard and features Steel Caps and and an anti-slip sole. You can find additional requirements for our Safety Footwear here.